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Grants and Scholarship for Master´s Degrees Online

Pursue your Master’s degree online at your own peace from a top-ranked University. The Center for Innovation and Sustainability – Cinnova in cooperation with UNICEPES University, offers financial aid for funding your online Master’s studies. Request for financial aid until July 15th.

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  • Mexico is a leading economy in the Americas and is member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • All Master´s degrees from UNICEPES University are recognized internationally
  • 100% Online Degree programs.
  • Scholarship and study grants available until July 15th
  • Master´s degree programs are accredited by the Mexican National Accreditation Board (REVOE)
  • All degrees are registered and encoded by the National Occupational Classification
  • UNICEPES University is a member of Mexican Council for Postgraduate Studies

Part-Time Program for International students

In addition to the Online Master´s program, UNICEPES and The Center for Innovation and Sustainability offer a part-time Dual Career Training Programme. The program has two Phases:


The first phase delivered Online that covers most of the program and the second phase is delivered in the University Campus in Morelia Mexico. The program meets the needs and availability of master’s students with full-time or part-time jobs, allowing them to combine their careers by obtaining a Master’s degree. Students will have the opportunity to gain more experience and knowledge by visiting sites and operations from important industries and projects in Mexico.   For more information write to


To start the admission process for this program, download the application form by clicking here and submit to




Tuition Fees for Part-Time Programs

  • Admission and Reservation Fees:   $ 950 USD
  • Overall tuition Fees: $ 8000 USD
  • Degree Accreditation and Registration fee: $ 1500 USD
  • This program allows monthly installment payments up to 30 months.
  • The cost of the program Cover some living expenses for 10 days in Mexico such as Accommodation,  Meals,  Transport from the airport to the University campus.
  • Outstanding Students are encouraged to apply for financial assistance to cover  50% of the cost of a roundtrip airline ticket. This may be subject to a previous assessment of the academic performance of the student during the program and other relevant aspects.
  • These fees do not include Visa plications costs.

Do not wait for too much to Speed ​​up your career, apply for a scholarship, and get a fully accredited master´s degree.


Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health

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